Estafas de vacaciones o de alquiler de casas vacacionales is a SCAM

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Scam artists based out of India! Please don't fall for it - they do really nothing extra that you can do yourself getting your appointment booked with a consulate. For me - they weren't able to book the appointment. Upon my request to refund the fee, they didn't refund the fee they charged just said they won't be able to book an appointment at the moment and that I'll have to try later. Different people were emailing me telling a different story every time trying to delay and drag it out - please beware of this suspicious behaviour! Payment was processed through PayPal - for some reason to Anvitec Group (in India!), if you happen to try them out - open a dispute through PayPal resolution centre and hope they will be able to refund under 'guarantee'. All that is to say, don't waste your time and money with this scam. (documented email evidence to prove the email chain to substantiate the legitimacy of the allegations)

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