Estafa de compras online Fake web site

Compruebe el informe completo de RM Williams

I check your web site and you indicated the site was safe
Created a log in account all normal
Went ahead and made a purchase of 2 pairs of boots
Site indicated they accept Visa, Master card & PayPal etc
At checkout entered Visa details the transaction was not accepted
Website indicated they only accepted Master card
Smelt scam
Phoned my bank no transactions yet so cancelled cards to be safe
Just painful in the end
Good luck to all who read this


Scamadviser Edit: Hi there and thank you for your Scam Report submission. Regarding our Trustscore, we try our best to be accurate, but our system is based on an algorithm and is only a guide for users.

Please see our Scamadviser Algorithm Explainer and How to Recognise a Scam Website blog posts for more informaiton!

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