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Don’t trust them
1st editing "after replay"
where is your service to me ???
my phone is still locked! you can honestly say it that you stole my money and you can't do anything.
Advertised the iCloud removal for £17.99 then after you pay, you will receive an email will say you have to pay a further £30.00 to start the unlocking feature from iCloud.

After 4-5 days, they came back stating that the iPhone failed to unlock and the checks and it was blacklisted (which it wasn’t) but they could still provide the unlocking service for an extra £49.99 (premium service).

iCloud Premium Now Available
We are pleased to announce that iCloud Premium service is finally available. This removes the iCloud account for all devices, including lost/stolen ones.

Due to the popularity of the service timeframe is expected to take 30 days.

The price of this service is £99.99 but as a previous Clean iCloud purchaser you are eligible to use your vouchers and it is discounted to £49.99

after you purchases and paid all the amount, you have to wait and wait and your device status will keep continuing but you will not get service,
and once you asked for a refund they will say,

Thanks for your email.

Your device was issued to our iCloud supplier on the 31st as per your order status page and is currently in process, once it has been unlocked you will be emailed as well as the order status page being updated.

We realize these are taking a long time, unfortunately, its the nature of these unlocks. Some of these units have been taking 90 days. We have been advised that as a goodwill gesture there is an option to give you vouchers for the total amount you have paid for you to spend on a sim unlock for a different device if you don't want to wait that long?

I tell them that I'm a student from Egypt and that money I use I had to save it from study needs and I need my money back they told me that I can get a voucher to unlock another device with sim lock.

and when I'm asking for a refund as they hadn’t provided the service they promised and advertised and that the phone was NOT blacklisted, but they never replied.

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