Estafas de atención médica/Medicaid/Medicare a SCAM

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Ordered product that I actually have a prescription for. Was contacted and asked to pay using google play card. Thought it was fishy but the price was too good to pass up and I was promised next day shipping. When I inquired about the other advertised payment methods ( like the c.o.d. Or PayPal option that are there when you place the order ), I was informed that for “expedited shipping “ I had to provide a play card. So shamefully I did and have received ZILCH! They are acting like my package is stuck in customs and that it’s never happened to them before. LIES AND GARBAGE! It’s been over a week. I have reported them to all the necessary authorities. I researched the site before I bought and found nothing about them. So hopefully this review will save another ass like be from loosing money.



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