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I opened an account in I deposited $550.00 USD in the account I had a broker name James guiding me through the process. He assisted me through text on what I should do. I opened an account with the money it said I have a Silver account and give me an account number. The person give me the trades I applied it to my account and made about $24K in one week. I started training on Monday and Friday my account said DORMANT. I cannot lot into my account to trade or withdraw funds. I. sent a message to they sent me a message I have to put in $1,150.00 USD in order to activated the account and up grade the account to Silver Plus. Then my balance will show $750.00 USD. I did not do such I am reporting it today. If I have monies my account why do I have to put in more why can't I withdraw the $1,150.00 from my dormant account and sent it to up grade the account.

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