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advertising good quality clothes but thes are not the clothes you recieve.
Obviously they are showing photos of originals and then a company in China make cheap replicas with substandard material and sizes. weeks and weeks waiting for the goods to arrive (almost amonth) and then finding nothing but a cheap nylon rubbish and not the lovely dress shown in the photo. The sizes are totally wrong XL and no way will it fit a UK14
The company make it almost impossible to get a refund. and the costs of shipping clothes back is an extorionate cost and adds to the overpriced clothes charged for already. The average price of a dress they are selling is £24 but what you get would no more that £2, its no more than cheap thin nylon, and impossible to wear.
The company has a site on FaceBook and there are hundreds of complaining women all saying the same. something should be done about this. This company has been runnng since 18th Dec 20018 and havehad a domain for 102 days only. the website value is only $588.16. and their have been 167 requests for company reports.
this company needs stopping. they are a total scam. even the telephone number thay have on the web site for customer care is fictitious it doesnt work.

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