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I received a call from Kart4all company on 19/2/19 saying that "you have been selected for a gift (Sony LED TV/I phone 7/Dell laptop) you have to purchase a product of minimum 550 rs then you will be eligible to claim the gift. Next day I got a call they asked me to pay GST rs 12,600 to claim gift, next day I got a call saying you have to pay Rs 27,000 as insurance then only you will receive gift and the other day I got the call saying your product has got some technical issue we can't deliver you the product we will pay you the mrp of product i.e 80,000rps +50,000 as compensation + 27,000 as insurance + 12,600rps as GST but for this you have to pay Rs 50,000 as releasing id activation amount in order to receive above total amount in 2 instalments. After denying to pay 50,000 Rs they said at least pay something so that we can block your slot for releasing id activation for Feb month and said in case of delay again you will have to pay penalty on this. So I paid 5000 rs to book my slot as guided by them under their influence and they asked me to pay 45,000 next day. I said I don't want gift please return me my paid amount of total 44,600 rs but Kart4all denied to pay my amount back.On warning them to file a complaint against Kart4all regarding this fraud in consumer court, kart4all said we will refund your money back but till date I have not been refunded my amount 44,600rps from kart4all and team.

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