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I already placed a customer review, please read it, I detailed the entire email exchange with this scam.

I am just writing because I also have found their actual address, owner, etc info through a lot of research, so that you can update your info on their site. You have it listed as possible Canadian, but ut is all through China.

You cannot get a refund through them (they attempt to disuade you from it repeatedly, even telling you it will be "too expensive to mail them back to them) and have to mail your items back at cost to you the consumer, to China. They offered several small amount refunds to me, in an attempt to disuade, and refused to give a return address for 14 email communications over a week. They even stated at several points they were not sure how to refund me.

Here is their owner info, as I have found, after 17 emails back and forth from them:


(I can get screenshots to you if you like, I just do not have that ability on my phone as I am typing this)

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