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I googled "Rabbit cage for sale" and at the top of my query results were several pictures of rabbit cages with sellers like Walmart. I clicked on one that advertised a rabbit cage for only $12.95 with free shipping called I tried calling to get the dimensions of the cage but the phone line is constantly busy and no response to my email. I ordered the cage anyway and later found the identical cage for $125 on Amazon, so I got suspicious. I went back to the website and looked at their 154 page catalog and all of their hundreds of different items are the same price. They claim to be located in ****, OK, with a population of about 5,000 but there is no street address and the person I spoke to at ****city hall wasn't aware of any online mail order businesses located there. I found a nearly identical site named that scamadviser shows has the same owner as which is located in Canada that has the same suspicious pricing. I put this site's ***, **** address in google maps and it shows a picture of an old, dilapidated house. And Scamadviser says that both are new websites. My credit card bank looked at the charge and gave me a third website,, which is linked to the charge and also shows the same **** owner for that new website as well. My guess is that all 3 companies (possibly more) are taking orders and will withdraw all the money from their bank account before customers dispute the charges, leaving no money in the account to reverse the credit or debit card charges as they move on to another scam.

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