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It appears that is a dropshipping company selling trashy cheap knock-off products through Instagram. The images and text used to advertise its products can be found on other websites across the internet as stock photos or from legitimate online businesses..

Saw an ad on Instagram and ordered a heated comb that was advertised. Did not receive any shipping information for 4 weeks. Contacted the seller to cancel the order but got no response on any of the emails. Escalated the dispute through PayPal, but was denied because the seller gave them tracking numbers, and after it arrived PayPal felt that it was close enough to what is advertised, despite it being broken.

The order finally arrived on 4 Apr. Not only was the package damaged, but it also came from a company in China (the original website said delivered from the US, but now it's in British pounds and says "Ships from US").

It is also not the brand or quality that was advertised. It is a very cheap plastic knock off that fell apart as soon as I pulled it out of the packaging. I didn't want to attempt to plug it in due to the label stating it was 220v and it was falling apart.

I sent a request for a refund immediately after opening the product on the 4th and discovering it was not what I ordered, and it was damaged. I sent the refund request to the address listed on their website - I also included the email shown on PayPal - and the email on their "Contact Us" webpage To date, I have not received a response from any of these email addresses, which is required to meet their 48-hour refund request deadline according to their refund policy. I sent additional requests for a refund on 7 Apr, 8 Apr, and 9 Apr with no response

I did finally get a response through their Facebook page on 9 Apr, but all they have said is they might replace it if they feel it is damaged enough.

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