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On this scam, there is a recruiter who source their unsuspecting pray from social media like facebook, then they secluded you from any public view buy initiating a separate conversation through your inbox on facebook by convincing you that this is easy they do everything for you. Then the next step is that the recruiter works on building your trust that you can trust him and he makes you believe this is legit by sending a screenshot of his account on this site reflecting his name. Then next he tells you he works with an expert trader who whom if you make contact with him, he will help you with everything, he will trade for you, all you do is creating an account on this webpage, then he will instruct you on how to fund your account then he does all the work for you. Once you funded the account then it grows but stops, then the Mr expert trade will come back through to you saying you need to pay additional fee to upgrade you software on you account because the reason why it has stopped working its because its not upgraded. Also you being told to download Luno as this will be the only means for you to make payments towards your account.

Then you account suddenly grows suspiciously. When you want to make a withdrawal, then you will be told that you need to make one last payment called a "release fee", which in my case it was R10000. Then you are promised that they busy processing your payout.

After a few days without any payout and when you ask how long it will take, then you being advised that you need to make one last payment of 10% of your withdrawal of your profit, which in my experience this gets deducted during the trade or processed during your payout then you get the difference. In this scam, the scammer wants it paid upfront and you are not being told of all these fees while you register. If you refuse to pay such 10% in cash then you your profits will not be processed, despite the fact that you've already been advised that you will get your money.

When you protest wanting all your monies back, then you are told, you can not get it, yet you are being compelled to pay the 10% fee.

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