CryptoCurrency / Bitcoins Scams

Check Full Report of (I believe they are based in Latvia)
It is One of the biggest Fraud Companies.
It composed of group of thieves. their names as pretended to me **** and Ayoub Abu zayd and one lady (Unknown name)
Those people convinced me to deposit 6000$ on 31st Jan 2019, and they offered me 4800$ as bonus. i asked them before depositing any dollar regarding the withdraw of winning money, they said with "high confident"..we will transfer your money within 24-48 hour. I won and my Balance now is 24500$ I have been begging them (Even i Cried over the phone) since 3 weeks to transfer to me at least half of the amount, they said no you cannot withdraw any dollar until you trade for 2500 position and then we decide if we transfer you or not..i told them but this is not what you promised me before i deposited my money, they totally ignored and denied what they said and now they stopped contacting me and i believe my money will not return to me even my capital will not transfer it to me. Im now miserable and im not attending my duty because my salary is 1200$ and Im in very bad situation, broke as i deposited this amount from my credit card and now i need a year ahead to refill it and pay big interests. please guys share this and prevent poor or good people to get hooked with this GANG. I hope if some one can help me. my email is **** by the way they **** **** 

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