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The trust score of oostertocht-tkruis.nl is very low. Why?

The trust score of oostertocht-tkruis.nl is extremely low. This is a strong indicator that the website may be a scam.

We rated oostertocht-tkruis.nl using a computer program. The algorithm has scanned the website looking at the source code being used, terms and conditions, registry, location of the company and if the website has received many positive or negative reviews. Scamadviser uses all this information to create a trust score.

Based on our analysis we gave this website a very low score. If a website receives a very low review from us, we really recommend you to double check if the site is not an online scam but really safe to use. Please read our article How to recognise a scam website before you proceed.

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Netherlands: 100%
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Laatste Nieuws
De website van het Heerhugowaardse Wijkpanel "Oostertocht, 't Kruis en Buitengebied-Zuid" Informatie over leden, participanten, projecten en de wijken.
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