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Is mindcrack.altervista.org legit or a scam?

The trust score rating of the website is rather low. mindcrack.altervista.org may be a scam.

We determined the trust score using a computer algorithm. The algorithm looks at 40+ data points on which basis its creates a trust score. Sources are third party reviews, the location of the company, the hosting party used by the website, if the website has been reported to sell fake products, etcetera.

As the review of the website is somewhat low, please do take time to check the website yourself. Our trust score is only a recommendation.

Facts about mindcrack.altervista.org

Company data

Organisation Gianluca Danesin
Owner Banzai Media S.R.L.
Address Via G.B Vico 42
Postalcode 20123
City Milano
Country IT
E-mail abuse_rs@altervista.it
Country Likelihood Italy: 59% / United States: 28% / United Kingdom: 7% / Netherlands: 6%

Webshop data

Website mindcrack.altervista.org
Title MindCrack :: HermitCraft
Website country United Kingdom
Domain age 18 Years, 326 Days
Website Speed Very Fast
Website value $ 5,907.06

Technical information about mindcrack.altervista.org

Hetzner Online GmbH
Domain life

1117 Other websites on this server

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