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A New Site Involving A High Risk Country
High Risk
43 %

Why did 0p6.info get a somewhat low review of 43%? 

0p6.info review is somewhat low according to our Scamadviser algorithm. The rating is given automatically based on data we could find about the site on the Internet such as if an SSL certificate is used, which country the website is hosted and if the website is listed on spam and phishing lists.

While we rate 0p6.info rather low, this does not mean the website is a scam or fake. As the review is done automatically, the score may be to low or high. We recommend you check each website manually yourself before you buy. 

On this page you can find all the information we were able to find about the site to determine if 0p6.info is safe and legit or a fraud.

Facts about 0p6.info

Company data

Country Likelihood United States: 64% / China: 36%

Webshop data

Website 0p6.info
Website country United States
Domain age 1 Years, 103 Days
Website Speed Fast
153 Report Requests
Last updated: 22-05-2019

Analysis of 0p6.info

Although being a new website, does not make it un-trustworthy, as with any new business you should be extra vigilant and do your own research before placing an order or making an investment.
This site is using an anonymous service - which prevents us from identifying the site owner. This can sometimes be just so that the owner does not receive spam, but be aware that many scam sites use this as a method to hide their identify. If this is an ecommerce site - we would suggest you confirm the business address with the website owners.

The website has been newly registered with a short life expectancy, which follows the pattern used by many fraudulent and fake selling websites. Please be vigilant and take extra care before providing any payment information.

Technical information about 0p6.info

Server name


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